Art Direction Visual Design Production


My Coke Rewards fall football pillar program was Coke Zero's largest prize focused experience. Hundreds of college and NFL sweepstakes prizes were awarded each year for My Coke Rewards points. In 2012, the program was versioned by region, state and age – a target marketing concept the MCR program had not dabbled in until that year. Authenticated MCR users were automatically presented an array of possible prizes based on what region and state they resided in, as well as their age. The MCR platfom is basic and primitive, however, we were able to take this experience one step further and really connect with football fans with incentives we know they are passionate about... tickets, football gear and mancave makeovers.

As Coke Zero's footprint in the college football arena became larger, My Coke Rewards was rebuilt within a Flex Mod CMS. Flex Mod allowed for a much more robust customization from the old My Coke Rewards site. With Flex Mod, content was easily managed and configured to suit Coke Zero's new look and greater user experience. In 2013, we aimed at highlighting the partnership between Coke Zero and ESPN College Gameday and the several desirable football prizes awarded for point redemption and sweepstakes entry. Success was measured by entries, MCR point redemption and beverage sales necessary to unlock these exclusive rewards.