Information Architecture Project Management UX/UI Visual Design


Georgia Natural Gas is a leading natural gas provider to businesses of many sizes. They came with a need to not only redesign a dated site but requested help to restructure their site's content and in turn, provide a cleaner and more engaging way for their customer's to access information.

The first of our focus was to understand the breakdown of GNG's target business. Under the larger "business" category, customers were then defined by smaller facets including small/medium/large business, multifamily property owners, residential & commercial builders, big enterprises and commercial businesses. A series of client facing discovery meetings took place to get more information about how GNG's service offerings differed for each sub-category. During the discovery process, we were able to walk away with a clearer understanding of what information customers looked for and how we could version our messaging and communication.

We did full content restructuring of the GNG Business Services site. Originally, the business site was embedded into the residential site which made it difficult for both business and residential customers to find information without stumbling upon other areas not relevant to them. Once both sites were decoupled, we could then focus on organizing the business services information in a more streamlined way.

Initial low fidelity wireframes were created representing basic functionality and breakdown of content. Because we were dealing with a limited timeframe, the design approach we took was more fundamental agile methodologies in the hopes of maximizing the limited time and resources we had. By essentially "batching" deliverables, we were able to design, route for review and approval and deliver to development in logical groupings, each one acting as a foundation for the next group of deliverables.