CPA Review Course

Information Architecture Content Strategy UX/UI Visual Design


This CPA review site is an online and in-person educational course designed to help students worldwide master the Uniform CPA Examination. Instead of merely buying review materials and re-packaging them as other courses do, the majority of the program is authored by the instructors themselves—from the coursework to homework to practice test questions, making the program the most tailored to the always changing exam. As MDS more and more became a trusted review program in the industry, they had recognized the need redesign their dated brand and presence and at the same time, offer existing students more tools for success. As part of the rebrand, a new information site was created that outline the benefits of the program more clearly to potential students. New features were also built into the site, which included free live info class calendar sign up, and shopping cart integration which improved the way a student could sign up for courses and checkout more securely and intuitively.

To further set them apart from competitors, we introduced a student portal that integrated sophisticated student to peer level analytics to help students stay on track with their courses and completion timelines. Students could monitor their progress and the progress of others in hopes of offering a gauge on where they should be at any given time. The analytics also mapped out practice tests, homework and flashcard review scores and translated that into areas of strengths and weaknesses back to the student, prioritizing where their focus should be aimed at.


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