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With Human Capital Management products, the struggle comes during implementation when a client purchases a product and then has to go through the process of integrating the software into the workflow of their organization. For companies larger in size, the time to full implementation can sometimes reach months because of the complexities of company and employee level data that needs to be imported into the system. This requires constant guidance and countless hours of monitoring from Implementation Consultants (IC) to ensure proper integration takes place. Couple that with extremely lengthy go-live timelines, it was no surprise that clients were looking elsewhere for HCM services.

And so the vision for a new way of implementation was born. The new tool would allow clients to engage in a self-guided process where they could configure and import data through modeling how-to's and page level help features. Clients could implement at their own paces, import their own data into the system and have access to support as needed. On the product end, this freed up much of the IC's time and allowed them to focus on kick starting engagement with other clients in the meantime.

The design process began with a 3-day long workshop/discovery with the product and development teams to map out the overall implementation process and get feedback from IC's on client pain points. Following the discovery meetings, we utilized opportunities with clients that had recently experienced going through implementation and conducted usability testing with low fidelity wireframes for many of the proposed features of the new tool.

Mobile first also part of our design approach. Although there were no near plans to bring the implementation tool to a mobile platform, we used the mobile first methodolgy as a way to find the simplest and most efficient solution. In the end, we were able to deliver UX solutions that we could not be more proud of for being the first tool of its kind within the suite of products.


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